NanoCrystal® Citrine


Monofocal aberration-free aspheric IOL made of innovative glistening-free hydrophobic acrylic of the second generation providing improved contrast sensitivity and the highest vision quality.

Barrier for secondary cataract:

Additional diamond cut along the whole edge of the optic field of lens prevents from the secondary cataract development than any square edge.

For specialists

Citrine working order (the video is in Russian)
Information for specialists
Citrine technical characteristics and features of IOL(Download) Citrine working order (Download) The mechanism of development of glistenings IOL (Download) Live surgery – implantation of NanoCrystal® Citrine (View) Clinical Experience of Using Aquamarine Citrine Grand Medica (Download) Citrine and Aquamarine leaflet (Download) A-const and Optical const (Download)